Investment Strategies | Athena Global Investors - Athena Value Fund Report and Criteria
Athena Value Fund

A value fund with discipline and flexibility.

Athena Global Investors is the investment adviser to the Athena Value Fund. The fund's objective is to deliver an attractive risk-adjusted return over a full market cycle and seeks to balance growth of capital and income. The Athena Value Fund is an All Cap Value Fund which invests predominantly in U.S. companies. The investment universe is the Russell 3000, plus all U.S. companies in the market cap range of the Russell 3000, but not included in it. The Athena Value Fund is concentrated on best opportunities and therefore holds 20-30 stocks at any given time. Focused investment strategies tend to own their stocks for longer periods than their more traditional peers, with lower turnover often reducing volatility and improving tax efficiency.

Athena Value Fund Criteria               
Universe Russell 3000
# of Positions 20-30
Position Limits
    - At purchase 6%
    - At market 8%
Non U.S. Stocks Up to 20%
Fixed Income/Cash Up to 20%
Dividend Paying At least 70%
Investment Grade At least 70%

As a value fund, the Athena Value Fund is likely to have portfolio characteristics that suggest overall "cheapness" versus the broader market. Specifically, price/book value or NAV, price/cash flow, and price/earnings are likely to be below market and dividend yield above market on average.